Salt + Earth

Crayfish Snorkeling Adventure


Turning a scenic flight into an adventure, we start the morning selecting your dive gear and hatching a plan for the day with your guide.  We gear up – it’s time to hunt for dinner!


We load up the chopper and fly off into the true depths of the beautiful Fiordland National Park.  We soar amongst towering mountains and steep sided glacial formed valleys, heading to the remote, rich oceanic fiords of the western coast.  Here we find ourselves isolated and alone in this true wilderness as the sound of the helicopter fades and gives way to the sound of tui’s and bell birds.  

We snorkel around in search of crayfish (lobster), kina (sea urchin) and paua (shellfish), and possibly spear a fish or two.  We teach you how we catch crayfish - with our hands.  If you wish, we can explore the rocky shallows together and you can try to catch your own crayfish, or you can float above snorkelling and helping to fill the catch bag.  Maybe you prefer to keep your feet dry - no problem, you can watch the action from the beach and absorb the native beauty.  It’s your adventure, you choose.  Either way, you will learn about selecting crayfish, by gender, size and condition while you savour the taste of kina fresh from the ocean.

Getting hungry for more than a kina?  Then we call the chopper by satellite phone and catch our ride back home to cook our crays in the fire pit, while having a laugh over a beer or two.  Roll your sleeves up and learn how to prepare and cook your catch, or just sit back and relax with a soak in the cedar hot tub.  We’ll enjoy a surf & turf feast of the day’s catch alongside wild venison (deer), lamb, vegetables from our garden and a fine Central Otago wine of your choice.