Salt + Earth

Food & Wine



At Salt & Earth, food is something to savour. It’s a time for reflection, for sharing stories and for indulgence. You’ll enjoy the most authentic wild food experience. Not only do you catch it in its environment, but you prepare it with your host and then sit down to eat with a genuine sense of satisfaction. Paua, Crayfish, Whitebait, Blue cod, Venison, Lamb - it’s from this land and its brought to our table.

The menu will include seasonal vegetables from the Salt & Earth garden, eggs from thechook house, Stewart Island Salmon and hand-picked cheeses from one of the country’s finest cheesemongers.

*Daily Complimentary: Breakfast, evening wine & appetities
*POA On Request: Evening Menu



After a day of hunting, fishing or hiking, there are few better things to do than put your feet up and indulge in a glass or two of the finest wines. Nathanhas a very select wine menu of 20 of the best wines from the central Otago region, including two Pinot Noirs from celebrated Central Otago vintner Alan Brady. Every wine has been hand-picked from small specifically located vineyards, and each tells its own story. Much like your stay here, drinking wine is an experience to savour - from the specially made reidel Central Pino Noir glass to the interesting and educational tasting notes.